Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Golden - Workin' On Myself

After dropping the Mike and debuting as the reincarnated Golden several months back, the Chicago rocker has been on a rampage to rebrand himself by dropping an onslaught of new music. Making appearances on Donnie Trumpet's "Surf" and today's drop from Odd Couple, "Chatterbox", Golden is "Workin On Himself" and working well with others as he crafts his next proper offering. No indication of when we might be able to expect a new project from Golden, but following some major placements, a few solid debuts, and playing some large stages this summer already, it doesn't appear Mike will be slowing down anytime soon.

Gino Marley - Trap (Prod. HurtBoy x C4)

More Gino Marley is ALWAYS a good thing. The guy puts out nothing but quality, slowly but surely. "Trap" gives him some prime material to work with; the soul of the beat is classic Gino, but this is a lot shinier than most of his stuff. Really great production here, and Gino Marley proves to be more than ready to own this opportunity. Gino Marley is always fire but he turns up the flames even higher on "Trap". This is hot and I don't think that Marley is trying to leave the kitchen any time soon.

Ash Riser x Fredo Santana - Heaven's Gates (Prod. Ash Riser)

Mandatory listening here, "Heaven's Gates" descends upon us with the blessings of Top Dawg collaborator and former electronic artist Ash Riser and the one-and-only big boss Fredo Santana. Fredo is only on the track for a bit, however it's a unique beat and allows for him to explore a different, washed-out (but still heavy) sound that he kills. Ash Riser is no pushover either, obviously bringing his production talents to the table, but also crushing the vocals with some quality singing. Enter "Heaven's Gates", the music is great inside.

Chief Keef - Zero To 250 (Prod. DP Beats)

Chief Keef musically wants the summer to himself, along with all the other seasons. How else to explain his non-stop onslaught of music that started last fall and has continued uninterrupted halfway into 2015? "Zero To 250" has been previewed time after time, but with DP Beats new mixtape featuring the efforts of Sosa and Gucci, it's finally been released to the wild in its completed glory. The time has arrived so don't wait a second more, see how fast you can get from "Zero To 250".

Monday, June 29, 2015

ShowYouSuck - All Pizza Everything (Prod. Mike Jaxx)

After your time in elementary school, you may have thought your pizza party days were in the past, but thanks to Chicago's ShowYouSuck, that couldn't be further from the truth. Kicking things off in October of 2011, Show has been on a cheesy rampage ever since and this summer-ish, he plans to continue the party with "OMPP5: CRUSTPUNX". Prior to hearing drops from his next tape, Show has linked with frequent collaborator Mike Jaxx for another addition to his "All ______ Everything" series, and this time it's all about pizza.

Stay tuned for more info on the upcoming "OMPP5: CRUSTPUNX" and be sure to catch his epic live performance later this month on the Lagunita's stage during Wicker Park Fest!

XVRHLDY x Trapo - Monday (Prod. Romby)

We had the pleasure of chopping it up with XVRHLDY on #NoCoastNews during the Stix Jam last week and he promised we would have some proper releases from him in the new few weeks. Well, turns out we didn't even have to wait that long. Making his return once again with Madison, Wisconsin's Trapo, XVRHLDY brings you a "Monday" you can actually be excited to see. This is the second XVRHLDY and Trapo collab in just a couple months. Could this be signs of something bigger in the works? XVRHLDY's Soundcloud page provides only the acronym "B.L.C.C." in this song's description. What could it mean?! I guess we'll just have to wait and see, rappers love secrets.