Friday, October 31, 2014

Saint Millie - Glory PSA (Prod. Gift)

Millie's highly anticipated "Glory" project drops tomorrow, but until then enjoy one last taste before the main course.

Z Money - Hustle

Although Z Money remains locked up in Hill Correctional Center in Galesburg, IL, the west side native managed to piece together a short mixtape to hold us over until his release. The long awaited "3mpire" is still on the way, but "Green Dot" is up first. In the first single from "Green Dot", Z Money leaves his fans a message letting them know that he's still the hustler we all know and love and he'll be home real soon.

Lupe Fiasco x PJ - Mazinger (Prod. SX)

Spittin' a little faster than usual, Lupe Fiasco decided to surprise us all this Halloween by dropping a new track via Soundcloud earlier today. "Mazinger" is the latest single from Lupe's upcoming mixtape, Lost in the Atlantic. Lupe's fifth studio album, Testuo & Youth is set for a January 2015 release.

Supa Bwe - Sushi Lightshow (Jukai Mausoleum)

Our favorite magic wielding Supa Bwe is back yet again with another new track from his upcoming solo EP "Magic City". Supa wrote, produced, and engineered this one on his own, but his Hurt Everybody brother Carl makes an appearance on the second half of the single to handle some hook work. The "Magic City" EP is only supposed to be four tracks to my knowledge, but Supa is sitting on mounds of product. There's really no telling what will make the final cut or when the project will drop, but keep checking back here daily for all the updates.

Side note, I really have no idea what a Jukai Mausoleum is, but I'm going to go out on a limb and assume it's something related to Naruto.

Chandler London - Harlequin Valentine (Prod. Ratatat)

Your so loyal, I'm so pollo

It may be Halloween, but the homie Chandler London is back with an ode to his Valentine. Chandler tells us that the song came to him in a dream and was inspired by a short story sharing the same name by Neil Gaiman. Once I read about the story that inspired this new song, it makes perfect sense to drop this dark love story today. No official word on a new project from Chandler yet, but I'm so ready!

LNS - 2 F*cks (Official Music Video)

Directed By Steven Lockett

You may not know LNS just yet, but when his debut "In Due Time" he's likely to break out as leading emcee in Chicago's drill scene. The hard hitting trap beats are familiar to drill music, but the raps are a little more intricate than most coming out of that genre. Check out the new video, or don't, LNS doesn't give "2 F*cks".