Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Vic Spencer - Trimming The Fat

It's been a roller coaster year for our friend Vic Spencer. The emcee has continued to deliver high quality music throughout, but his problems with other people on the scene have been a little to public at times. In his new single, Vic is here to trim the fat and rid his life of that garbage.

#100Trill - The Grinch (That Stole B*tches) (Prod. S. Woods)

With Christmas on the way, I expect a number of holiday themed tunes to surface. The first to serve up some holiday cheer, or in this case lack there of is #100Trill. The Chicago duo gets their Grinch on this year, but they're not interested in your gifts or decorations, they're here for your bitches! You've been warned!

Revolt TV: Chicago Love

Directed By Revolt TV

I watched this the other day when it premiered for the second time and to be honest, I was more than disappointed. Since 2012, we've seen several documentaries with a Chicago focus. Unfortunately the film makers choose to report one side of life in Chicago, the violent side. It's worth watching, but don't expect to be uplifted.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The MIND - Otero Tunes (Prod. Ambl Lyrics)

Producer Ambl Lyrics announced the release of "Your Music" last week with the project's first single featuring Legit. This week Ambl serves up the second offering featuring a little help from THEMpeople's The MIND. The rest of "Your Music" drops December 28th.

Chance The Rapper x Lucki Eck$: The Making of "Stevie Wonder"

Directed By Elevator

You heard the track, now see how it all went down courtesy of Elevator. "Stevie Wonder" is a huge track for Chicago. Not just because all the artists involved are buzzing right now, but because these guys have different backgrounds, have taken different paths musically, and are still able to come together and make something awesome. Chicago united is a beautiful thing.

BanksTheGenius - Promise (Official Music Video)

Directed By J Krown

It's been a while since we've heard from our friend Banks, but he dives right into why that is in his new song and video "Promise". The life of an aspiring musician is not a glamorous one. There are more hurdles and setbacks than their are wins. Sad to say, but only a tiny percentage of dedicated musicians are able to make a living out of their craft. After losing his mother this past year, Banks like many finds himself discouraged and struggling, but in "Promise" he does just that and makes a promise to his biggest supporter that he won't stop pursuing his dreams.