Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Supa Bwe - Call My Name (Prod. Supa Bwe)

If there's no rest for the wicked, you can start calling Supa Bwe "Momba" from here on out (google it). Spending another night in the studio, Supa crafts this prequel to "Moon Goddess" using only stock FL Studio sounds. Add this track to the extensive catalog of loosies that Hurt Everybody and Supa have been knocking out while big moves get made behind the scenes. Be on the lookout for Hurt Everybody's first visual for "Treat Me Caucasian" sometime in early October prior to their trip to A3C.

Monday, September 15, 2014

ShowYouSuck: Live @ Riot Fest (7-14-14)

Directed By Dillon Kelley

So I was perusing YouTube just now and stumbled across ShowYouSuck's full Riot Fest set via a GoPro director Dillon Kelley. I've seen Show a ton of times, but this performance was by far the most intense and awesome rap show I've ever experienced. You must peep if you missed it.

This Week In Music (9-14-14)

Blanco Caine x Bodi Deeder x Lanipop - Screenshot (Official Music Video)

Directed By TDF Media Group

Last week came the single, and this week we get a visual to match. Just got burned by a screenshot today actually. I'll keep the details to myself, but it's an epidemic! New music from Blanco is still in development, but he's hinted at a couple new projects due out in the remainder of 2014.

Sidewalk Kal - I'm Fly (Prod. The Turn Up)

The homie Sidewalk Kal keeps it moving with more new music leading up to the release of his "Champagne Forever" project. I was recently chopping it up with our friend Kal the other day and he said that he's only dropped one song from that project so far, the rest are just appetizers, so don't fill up.

Spenzo: Ahead of My Time (Episode 1)

Directed By Ralph Laureen

Several weeks back, Nike put on the crazy dope Nike World Basketball Festival at 63rd Street beach. Among the celebrity appearances and musical guests was Mr. WifER himself, Spenzo. In a new web series called "Ahead of My Time", Spenzo takes viewers behind the scenes that day for a unique look at his experience. "Ahead of My Time" the album is on deck, so get ready.