Sunday, March 1, 2015

Ali - Momma Raised A King (Prod. Leader Lockwood)

Ali of Chicago duo the New Kingz is here today with the lead single from an upcoming solo collaboration with producer Leader Lockwood. "Momma Raised A King" is an emotional anthem that addresses the influence his mother has had on Ali's music ambitions and how her recent struggle with cancer has only motivated him more to make his momma proud. More details on Ali and Leader's "The Natives" EP is coming soon.

Chris Crack - Pourlandia (Prod. BoatHouse)

When Chris Crack and the New Deal Crew are involved, the swag flows freely and today is no exception. Prior to the release of "#FREESW4G", Crack pours up with producer BoatHouse and issues a little preview of the tape. Take a sip off this drank, you won't regret it.

Mic Vic - Book of Eli (EP)

197's Mic Vic has been paving a way for himself over the course of the past several months, releasing track after track leading up to today's release of his sophomore EP "Book of Eli". The 7 track project featuring friends and fellow crew members Ran$ah, Adamn Killa, DJ $awbuck and more, offers up a look into future of a promising emcee. Although a solid project, "Book of Eli" is just the warm up. Mic Vic will return June 22nd with his full length mixtape "Levels".

The Cool Kids x Lorine Chia - On My Own (Prod. Blended Babies)

Chicago natives the Blended Babies have been reaching into the vaults lately and uncovering some gems. Recently the Blended Babies debuted a Vic Mensa track that was taken down from their Soundcloud just as quickly as it went up, but that didn't seem to put a halt to their trip down memory lane. This week, The Cool Kids and Lorine Chia are the subjects of this previously unreleased music that was recorded long ago in the original Blender Studios.

No one needs to be on their own anymore, this one is for the world to share!

Ray Abercrombie - key,white (Mixtape)

Courtesy of Posture, the Chicago indie label behind Supreme Cuts, KIT and others, up and comer Ray Abercrombie releases his latest musical contribution in the form of this 11 track, mostly instrumental mixtape. This sample heavy exploration of hip hop and electronic music is something we're seeing a lot more of these days and people like Ray are adding fuel to the fire.

DJ Honorz - Boss Sh*t Only 2 (Mixtape)

SD's "Life of a Savage 4" is less than two weeks old, but he's back already to host DJ Honorz' new compilation "Boss Sh*t Only 2" and lace the project with more new music. In addition to exclusives from SD, DJ Honorz includes new music from Tink, King Samson, King Louie and more in his latest round up of trap bosses. This is major! Hit the jump for all the details.