Saturday, May 23, 2015

Rich Jones x Rasaan Khalil - Think Twice (Prod. Montana Macks)

The homie Rich Jones has been on an all out rampage this year so far, and the summer months have just begun. From his "3Peat Vol. II: Love Jones" dropping earlier this year, to his forthcoming "Pigeons & Waffles", and more already in the works, Rich Jones will continue to prove to Chicago that he's one of the hardest working talents on the scene.

While Rich's summer schedule is filling up quickly, the Montana Macks produced and Rasaan Khalil assisted "Think Twice" is up next. Get the scoop on how this track went down via Rich Jones himself below.
Starting this past fall, I had the pleasure of sitting in on "Wreckshop", a Hip Hop writing class run by my friend Defcee out of YCA (Young Chicago Authors), the epicenter of underground hip-hop music locally. Week in and week out, I’ve been impressed with the enthusiasm and talent level of the students. I especially appreciated working with Rasaan Khalil, a young man who impressed me with his thoughtful lyricism and voice. It was a no brainer that we should work and I'm very glad we could link and create, “Think Twice'" 
- Rich Jones

Friday, May 22, 2015

Chance The Rapper - Hiatus Broadcast

In a recent interview, Chance The Rapper told us that he enjoyed swapping out audio on existing Soundcloud posts with new material to test it with his loyal listeners. Well, that just happened. Don't let the title deter you, "Home Studio" is now "Hiatus Broadcast", at least for now. This may or may not be a snippet of some "Surf" stuff, but all I can say for sure is that this will not last, so listen while you can!!

Tom Moore - Mustard Seed (Official Music Video)

Directed By Nick Arcade

The duo that is Tom Moore and Nick Arcade rarely miss, and they seem to be right on target once again with "Mustard Seed". Place them in the city, the suburbs, or a corn field in Dekalb, and Tom and Nick will find a way to capitalize on their position to further their passions for music. Cop the track produced by Nick Arcade on Tom's recently released "Awake Forever", and of course peep the video who was also created by the multi-talented Mr. Arcade above.

D.Graves x SolarFive - No Rules (Prod. Noah Sims)

D.Graves has made a pretty good impression over the past few months and he continues that good streak with a new song featuring SolarFive and production by Noah Sims that follows "No Rules". All beasts in their own right, D.Graves, Solar and Noah get reckless and color outside the lines a bit in this aggressive offering. We're not sure what's up next for D.Graves, but he has promised more new music soon as he continues to get his music career under way.

Dan Kanvis - Don't Leave Me (Official Music Video)

Directed By Dan Kanvis x Parker Foster

Revisiting his "Windows" mixtape, Dan Kanvis links with director Parker Foster for a simple and honest visual for "Don't Leave Me". The struggle illustrated with Dan's words are effectively and impressively translated onto the small screen with a clearly bummed out Dan going about his day distracted and thinking of someone he can't be with.

Go pick out "Windows" if you haven't already, and catch Dan Kanvis live May 29th at the Double Door as he opens up for Beach Jesus, Hurt Everybody and Netherfriends. More info on the show after the jump.

Alex Wiley - Track One

Alex Wiley announced the other day that the first single from the forthcoming "Synthia" would drop June 9th, so it's safe to say that this will not be featured on any albums, but it is most definitely worth a spin. Approaching music like I've never heard him do before, Alex Wiley gets in touch with his 90's rocker in "Track One".
Alex also re-released his "Vibrations" single below, but this time he left a verse open for his rapping brethren to do what they please with it. The generosity is next level with ya boi right now, take advantage of it and check out this new music at once. We love it!

BONUS: Alex Wiley - Vibrations (Open Verse)