Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Mic Vic - No Question (Prod. Plu2o Nash)

Got questions for 197's Mic Vic? Well now is not the time, please try to wait until this presentation by Mic and Plu2o Nash is completed. The track was added to a playlist on Soundcloud titled "Bounce Back". Could this be Mic Vic's new project? Not too sure at the moment, guess we'll just have to wait and see. Until then, I'll stop asking questions and let you get to listening.

BONUS: Mic Vic - Need To Know (Prod. Hooligan)

Young Chop: A Day In The Life With Chop Squad At SXSW

Young Chop is the man, and recently took his talents of being the man to SXSW. Documented here, you can see a little slice of the insane music and all around good time that went down in Austin earlier this month. At the very least maybe it can tide over your impatience for the Young Chop and King 100 James' "Fat Gang" mixtape, coming soon.

Written By Ray Mestad

Chief Keef x TERINTINO - Haha (Prod. IllaDaProducer)

More new Keef? Sure, why not! The destination of this joke of a track is to be determined, but you know wherever it ends up, Chief Keef will continue to laugh his way to the bank!

Gino Marley - Wat If (Official Music Video)

Directed By Smoke Booth

WWGD? That's "What would Gino do?", and Savage Squad Records, we gotta get started on making those little bracelets. Easy money. Gino Marley has always been one of the most dexterous drill artists, and "Wat if?" has him contemplating what he would do in a cemetery over some thunderous production provided by Josue On The Beat. Life's complicated, but Gino isn't afraid to ask the tough questions on "Wat if?", so take a seat with this new visual and educate yourself.

Written By Ray Mestad

Beach Jesus - Snake Ladies (Prod. JAROMY x Seer)

Beach Jesus doesn't wallow in their "The Fall" sorrows too long as they follow up that track with their second release of the week, "Snake Ladies". The theme is similar, but the tone is much for aggressive. This quartet (now including producer Seer) has absolutely no time for these ain't shit "Snake Ladies".

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mick Jenkins: Complex Interview (3-27-15)

Directed By Complex

The Mick Jenkins takeover continues with another SXSW interview and Complex pries out some new details about what's to come that are worth hearing. Mick and Jinx go back and forth about Mick's new EP, an upcoming full length follow up to "The Water(s)", and receiving some phone calls from Timbaland among other things.