Friday, July 25, 2014

Chance The Rapper: DJ Semtex BBC1 Interview

It should come as no surprise that Chance gets love everywhere! After a recent performance at The Forum in London, Chance sat down with DJ Semtex to talk The Social Experiment Tour, being a performer, future collaboration plans and so many more juicy details. We don't hear from Chano everyday, so there is plenty of breaking news you won't want to miss.

Rogizz x Tree - Beautiful (Prod. Tree)

The Soul Trap takeover continues with a new track from Mr. Black Blago himself, Rogizz. Ro is no stranger to Tree's soulfully trappy production style, they've been collaborating for years. Many became familiar with Tree's production styling when MTV cosigned "Sunday School", but he's been making his own lane for some time now.

"Beautiful" is the first we've heard from Rogizz and Tree recently, but it won't be the last. Following Tree's Soul Trap collaboration with Chris Crack, and his upcoming work with Brian Fresco, Tree and Rogizz will make a contribution to the Soul Trap EP series. Long story short, this is the summer of Tree. Prepare yourself.

Common x Big Sean - Diamonds (Official Music Video)

"Nobody's Smiling" is a cry for help on behalf of our great city, and everything surrounding Common's tenth album release has been aimed to bring awareness to the the problems that plague Chicago. For his second video, Common and Big Sean perform "Diamonds" as human green screens with projected Chicago and Detroit landmarks throughout. Definitely a great video, and an even greater album. If you're a Common fan, it's a no brainer, cop that deluxe now!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

White Gzus - U Luv My Style (Official Music Video)

Directed By Steven Patton

White Gzus strikes again, it's a resurrection! All corny jokes aside, Gzus Piece and Blanco Caine continue to collaborate on another new song and video. Looks like these two are here to stay, at least for now. When's the project coming out though?

Netherfriends - B3ATS (Beat Tape)

Did you enjoy Netherfriend's "P3ACE" album? If you did, this beat tape is for you! Premiering via Mishka this afternoon, Netherfriends decided to release the uniquely crafted instrumentals that made "P3ACE" so great. Those familiar with Netherfriends music know that he's a great songwriter, but it's his ability to create and recreate sounds on such an unconventional setup that really makes him so special.

Lee Woods - Johnny (Prod. Garrett Eaton)

Originally from Los Angeles, Lee Woods has traveled back and forth from Chicago to L.A. often. During one of her trips out west, Lee had a little to much fun and found herself with a severe hangover just in time for her four hour flight back to the 'Go. The next four hours were torture, but she came back to an old friend, Johnny Jameson. Yes, this song is about a girl and her bottle of Jameson.

This and more on Lee's August 25th release, the "FIRE" EP.